Don't be confused by the quiet

Published on 16 November 2022 at 19:03

There is Power in the Quiet Isolation

For more than 10 years before I received my calling I felt lost and abandoned. I thought surely I had taken a wrong turn somewhere. I was so disconnected from myself and so confused about why I was here. No career path felt "right" and I was loosing my ambition that had always come natural. I was losing hope and could no longer find my way back to myself. Who was I? I didn't even know anymore. I was filled with sadness and insecurity and couldn't find my way out.


What I did not realize in all my fog and confusion was that this was all part of the process.  I was being prepared; resting up for what was to come. The silence was my cocoon that I could not see. When it was time for me to connect and take action my calling came through loud and clear. But only when the time was right. This was not something that I could will or wish or pray for. It only happened in Divine time and place. 

Until then I could only wait and be patient and have FAITH that all was right even though I had no proof. 

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