About the author

Heather Leigh Strom emerged from her cocoon in 2022 as she begin receiving instructions on writing this book. Her transformation from the person she always struggled with into the person she never knew she was capable of was made effortless by the assistance of the K9 spirit guides. She had never written a book before, but followed and trusted in what she was being led to do. And now, through this process, she has emerged on the outside in a completely different light than she has ever experienced! She was reborn into a completely new persona; a new reality free of all the old pain, fear, insecurity, and distrust. 

Heather Leigh has always been a dog trainer, dog breeder, and a fierce competitor in dog sports, but now she finds herself completely immersed into a new realm of dogs. Now she has been assigned the task and duties of a galactic K9 channel. She has awakened into a new role with dogs as she shares their true purpose with humanity. 

Heather Leigh began her life in New York, spent most of her childhood in Tennessee, but also lived in California, and eventually settled in Indiana for most of her adult life. Throughout all phases of her life dogs have been involved - many dogs!  She has had roughly 30 personal dogs not to count the dogs she trained or imported for other people. She has always felt uniquely gifted in understanding dogs, knowing just where they needed to be or what they needed to do. It wasn't until she received the gifts and knowledge of the book that she understood why and how.

Now she enjoys a quieter life with just one dog - a very special corgi.  A dog who helped her to bridge the gap into her final transformation.  You will meet Gigi in her book. Heather Leigh and Gigi work together now to spread the word about the true message our dogs have for us; the true healing they are here on earth to offer us!