The Mystical, Magical

Dämeon Ja'Laron Héric!




His image perfectly portrays his energy and purpose. The wide-open eyes serve to receive all visual input through all dimensions. The short stout nose of the pug matches the rigid beak of the eagle and serves as a dimensional compass tracking where he is, where he is from, and where he is going. The open ear of the bird allows for non-filtered auditory recording, whereas the cupped ear of the pug serves to soften the acquisition of difficult information. The broad spread of his wings gives him absolute control and precision in his travels. It is with his accurate steering that he can show you exactly what you need to see. The eagle neck is compact much like that of the pug. But the aviation expert has a better perspective with his swivel neck and easily zooms in on all aspects of situations, not just the obvious ones.




The fourth and most powerful guide!


The most advanced of the Core Four, this POWERFUL guide offers you accelerated Divine Enlightenment!

He is a POWERFUL protector and serves as your Guardian of Past Life Integration.

He offers a "skip ahead" pass to zoom past your history and into your enlightened soul. Providing powerful spiritual elevation perfect for rapid ascension. As his eagle allows you to soar, his pug provides you with grounded devotion and focus.

This guide can appear confident and smug as he has little tolerance for human habits.

In all his glory he escorts you expertly and easily into Divine Enlightenment


I am so excited to share him with the world! He has so much to teach humanity. 

He carries some incredible power for instant healing and ascension.

He has visited me three times and each one was a very tumultuous part of my life full of impossible challenge.

I could not have done it without him!


I have been fortunate to experience Héric three times. Here are the dogs he has visited me through.