The Courageous Oeragon!




Please notice the intensity of her eyes as this is her most recognizable trait. The matching intensity of her energy also bleeds off the page as it seeks to connect with you. Her jaw line is more firmly clenched as she breathes through her nose like a predator would just before launching at her prey. In contrast to what we observed in Öskar’s image, Oeragon  portrays a holding of breath. It’s almost as if she does not need to breathe. As if she embodies so much life force that breathing would somehow leak it out!

                Her eyes will vary between squinty and wide open depending on her approach with you. The wider the eye, the more she is encouraging you to absorb or take a broader look. The more narrow squint reveals a concentrated laser-like focus, reflecting her desire for you to narrow your focus, your attention, or your direction. Her ears are erect and forward; simultaneously receiving and projecting. This represents your ability to fully embody your own divine soul and project it effectively into the world. Her energy is so focused, you will not see her pant as she draws in divine wholeness and funnels it outward into a concentrated stream of consciousness.


Just WOW!

Oeragon (oy-ya-gaan)

This mystical guide is an elegant escort and the Guardian of Sovereign Transformation

She guides you through your own layers of yourself and back to the Divine version.

She is a very visibly striking and a gorgeous creature!  Her piercing eyes often give her away!  

She has chosen to identify with the Basenji dog breed and the Black Panther Animal spirit.

These traits balance her well as she echoes your own Divine Presence



These are two dogs that Oeragon came in through and you will read about in my book!   


Apachi and Nikki