The Joyful Anthea!


Her eyes are open and kind while ever watchful.

Her expression is joyous, radiant, and infectious.





This beautiful K9 Guide exudes beauty and love from powerful being. From the depths of her soul she offers you Divine Joy!

She carries your joy when you are unable and acts as a beacon to attract you back to it. 

She loves all whom she meets and takes them under her wing.

While you are distracted, disconnected, or lost she serves as the Guardian of Your Soul so that you can easily reconnect when the time comes. She allows no harm to come to you while you are vulnerable and is at the ready to escort you back to your divinity. 

Her cheetah provides patient wisdom with the focus you need to find your way again. While her golden retriever lends the devotion and intuition that will assist you in your journey.

I have been visited by this beautiful guide three times and her beauty and joy always gave her away.



Anthea visited me three times and here are two of the dogs she came in with.