The Gentle Guardian Öskar!

Notice how his image perfectly reflects his calm, all-knowing energy with a relaxed eye and ear. His lightly closed jaw lends a calmer vibration and a subdued “vital” rhythm with a slower heart rate and breath. This carefully crafted image perfectly portrays his accepting yet observant demeanor as he filters your emotions through his energy field allowing him to keenly understand where you need his assistance. It was always this stoic appearance that gave him away. He simply understood much more than I ever could!

The Black and Tan Coon Hound and the Mighty Lion

This masculine guardian has everything to do with your confidence, power, and voice! Öskar is also very patient, gentle, and kind. 

The lion spirit animal of the guide serves to draw out your own confidence and power. This mighty king also preserves your voice and your ability to defend yourself. He serves to assist you in overcoming oppression and unfair treatment and holds onto your damaged pieces until you are able to reconstruct them yourself. 

The black and tan Coon Hound angel helps you reassert your loyalty to yourself, use your voice, and stand your ground kindly and tactfully. The hound shows you how to follow your own instincts again (follow your nose) and find your individual path. Running with the pack is fun and exhilarating but he also knows how unique you are.


Öskar’s lovingly substitutes his courage until you can reclaim your own. He also stands guard over your wounded intuition. He sees that you have appropriate instincts about who or what to trust, but that your emotions suffocate them. He is especially present when you feel powerless against those who wish to wrongfully control you and when you feel powerless to speak up for yourself.

He serves to lift the delusional veil that holds you captive and prevents you from seeing your unique power.



I had two dogs that Öskar connected with me through.