Work with Heather Leigh and the K9 Guides

The K9 Spirit Guides assist humanity in self-understanding, awakening, transformation, and ascension. After reading her book, many people want a chance to connect personally with the K9 Guides. Heather Leigh can bring their tools directly to you in a private one-to-one virtual session!


Discover the powerful healing of Man's Best Friend in a magical, mystical guided healing session!


Her awakening as a Galactic K9 Translator provides her with a clear, open channel directly to the powerful wisdom and healing they have to offer. It's through her connection that she can sync you up with their specific offerings of healing designed specifically for you. By utilizing such a direct source to your higher self you can find support, guidance, and direction for your life path. Through her years of immeasurable experience she has learned to rely on the skills and tools that the divine has provided her. It is with these gifts that she is able to help you on your journey to wellness, wholeness, and a deeper connection to your own true self.