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Published on 3 December 2022 at 10:56

An excerpt from the book, "K9 Spirit Guides" by Heather Leigh Strom:


Co-workers, clients, family members, and friends found stories about my life incredible and somewhat unbelievable. The typical response was that I needed to write a book. Spiritual healers told me I was going to write a book. But I never took any of them seriously. I thought it was just something people said when they didn't know what else to say. In the spring of 2022, the message got undeniably stronger and louder. It was no longer about writing a book someday; it was to happen now!  But I had no idea what I was to write about. There are so many events in my life that would make a great story. You will see what I mean by that as I share some of these with you. But how was I to narrow down the topic of my book? What exactly was I to write about?


After weeks of searching my heart and several false starts on a manuscript, a single dream answered my question. In this dream I was discussing possible titles of the book with my spirit guides. Several options were mentioned, and they all contained the words “K9 spirit guides”. Without opening my eyes or fully waking up, I grabbed my journal that I kept next to my bed just for such occasions and scribbled down these words. Then I abruptly fell back to sleep. I was thankful I did that, because when I awoke, I could only vaguely remember this dream much less what was said. Now, with a clear title in hand, I knew without a doubt what I was writing about. Or so I thought.


Initially I assumed I was to share some amazing stories about the special dogs in my life. This would be so easy to write! However, as events began to unfold and the veil began to lift, I realized this was not to be an endearing tale about how loving, special, and beautiful my dogs were. There are already many books like that in print. No, my book was to contain specific information channeled directly from angelic K9 guides that I wasn’t even aware of yet! And channeling was not something I even knew that I could do! What I didn’t realize was that I was about to embark on a journey of profound spiritual development, investigation, and healing just so I could receive the messages from these healing entities and deliver them to you!


We’re going to explore a reality where dogs serve a much larger purpose for humanity than mere unconditional love. We have always suspected that dogs were magical angels from God, but now I will give you proof! Our canine companions possess specific Divine gifts that can facilitate our healing, elevate our awareness, and expand our consciousness as children of God. Man’s best friends have their own spirit guides which is why they appear in our lives just when we need them most. These unique guides connect with humanity through our treasured companions. They serve to assist in our enlightenment and our overall ascension. They share a powerful message of healing that can energetically propel us into the best version of ourselves. These guides lovingly provoke us into action, ultimately assisting us in becoming more connected to God, our true Source.

They refer to themselves as “K9 Spirit Guides”.


Get ready to see your canine companions in a totally different light! Get ready to truly understand why they are with you and what they have to teach you.  Even if you do not own a dog or like dogs there will still be profound meaning for you in these pages. The content in this book may challenge your beliefs, your spirituality, or push you out of your comfort zone, and I hope that it does. Read it with an open mind, enjoy it as a story, embrace it as a magical journey, and accept it as your truth if it so resonates with you. If it does not speak to you, then just enjoy the story.


Please join me on a unique adventure that will warm your heart, tantalize your emotions, and liberate your consciousness like nothing you have ever experienced!


©Heather Leigh Strom 2022 All Rights Reserved

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