the purpose 

On this page I explain what a K9 Spirit Guide is.  Who are they?  What are they? How are they different from your dog's spirit and other angels?  Why did they start talking to me and what do they have to say?

I will preview stories, poems, and meditations from their upcoming book. 

You will also meet the real-life dogs these guides spoke to me through.

This page is a great resource to get a glimpse behind the scenes!


view this short video about one of the first times I ever heard them speaking to me.

the basics

K9 Spirit Guides are Divine entities that connect with humanity through our dogs. They serve the highest good of humanity by assisting us on our path to ascension. Providing essential tools they can expedite our process or bring awareness to especially important pieces that hold us captive and cloud our evolution.

These very special ethereal entities are represented by a dog breed and an animal spirit in order for us to better understand their message and their purpose. You will notice a blend of their chosen specimens in their individual images.

The dog breed is an angel form reflecting our own traits, behaviors, or beliefs that we need to understand or take action on.

The animal spirit half is actually a spirit guide reflecting the overall energy they wish to share with you. 

Each guide is unique and has a unique purpose and message. You can work with the dog or spirit animal halves individually or in combined form which brings an incredible level of diversity to their offerings.

Understanding how the combined animal traits and both these benevolent entities blend and balance is crucial for you to better understand their messages and gifts.

The guides cleverly use currently established animal classifications in order to make it easier for us to grasp their concept. 

I want to be clear that we are not speaking of the soul energies of each individual dog, your dog. These guides are omnipresent energies that associate themselves to any given dog regardless of it's actual breed, sex, or location.  

You may also work with the K9 Spirit Guides even if you don't have a dog or maybe don't like dogs.

They are willing to work with whomever needs them. 

There are over 50 K9 Spirit Guides in total. I have not met all of them yet.

The first book introduces the original four and they refer to themselves as The Core Four.

These first four represent basic necessary tools that are important for us to integrate in order for humanity to heal. 

They are also specific regarding the sequence in which their messages are shared suggesting a hierarchy in their healing process.

These guides have been with us since the beginning (as referred to in their poem), but they have stayed hidden or "unseen" until now. At this point, as the world and humanity are moving into a higher vibration, it is urgent that their gifts be known, understood, and utilized by mankind. They have charged me with revealing them and their gifts for us. You can read more about how this came about in my blog post the background: My Story.

the background




for more information on me, my journey, and my story please see

my blog post July 20, 2022


For more information about the specific guides,

please refer to their individual pages listed below. 

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