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Published on 1 May 2022 at 12:12


My name is Heather Leigh Strom. For four decades I struggled to understand and heal from a very difficult childhood that leaked into adulthood. The baggage of this pain, fear, and insecurity affected how I experienced life, influenced the type of people in my life, and the way I felt about myself. It left me with a sense of deep longing to find, complete, fix, and repair myself that I could never fully achieve. Throughout my life I had tried every self-help technique, psychotherapy approach, metaphysical process, self-improvement seminar, and mind / thought control routine known to man without any true relief. Some of these would make me feel a little bit better for a short period, but none of them provided a complete fix or true healing. None of them made me feel "whole" again. None of them helped me to find the peace I was so desperately seeking.  


In the Spring of 2020, a very unique spiritual awakening began to unfold in my life. This is when the Core Four Spirit Guides began working with me, showing me what needed to be healed, and then providing the resources for me to achieve it fully for the first time in my life. With their guidance I was able to experience profound divine healing, a complete rebirth, resembling that of a Phoenix rising! This healing was so deep and complete that it transgressed multiple dimensions and multiple lifetimes. Their tools and guidance allowed this process to feel effortless, instant, and complete. It was a truly magical Divine experience; Peaceful, loving, and natural.  I became deeply connected to my own soul like never before!  

I now truly SEE myself in the way that God sees me!  And more than anything, I now remember who I am and why I am here. With this new elevated consciousness I began to hear the K9 Guides Speaking to me. And my purpose in this world is to share their gifts of healing with you!  Their teachings are vitally important for the healing of the planet. And their healing tools are available to all of us!

Their gifts have never been shared with humanity until now. 

It is also important for you to realize that I am not a psychic.  Most people who have written books on this topic have profound psychic abilities and operated within this capacity when they felt called to create and share their project - their gifts. Before I set out to write this book I had never had any psychic or telepathic experiences.  I had merely an acute sense of intuition.  I followed my gut 100% with every decision I made with great success. I considered myself to be a "normal" non-metaphysical human being until that fateful day when my incredible journey of transformation began. I hope this makes it easier for the average person to relate to me, my story, and my experience. I do believe my journey to be in Divine order so that others feel empowered to explore similar opportunities for themselves. I am just an average person who never thought I was capable of such gifts that you will read about in my book. But we are all capable of developing these skills and this is part of the message that I am to share with you. 


Before I began my journey I was very uncomfortable being me. I wasn't fully connected to my own soul so I felt very out of place and lost. No matter what I did, I felt vulnerable and unsafe. This picture to the left really shows the angst beneath the surface.

At the other end of my process I was finally fully connected with my soul, fully alive, and naturally self assured. I no longer had that constant background criticism running. My mind was quiet and happy, and I could not only be free to be myself fully, but life was full of beauty and reasons to celebrate! 

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