The Energetic Signature of a Logo

Published on 5 June 2023 at 15:22

The Energetic Signature of a Logo

What's in a logo?





For me it is an energetic signature, so every detail about it must be absolutely correct in order to match the resonance of the message.

My purpose and mission is to assist humanity in bridging the trinity of consciousness within the four pillars of reality. This symbol is the energetic signature of my service!

The K9 Guides gave me this symbol with the 3 shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle). It's significance was impressive once I understood it. The circle represents consciousness. The triangle is the trinity of body, spirit, and soul. The rectangle represents the four pillars of reality (expression, experimentation, integration, and transcendence). And each of the Core Four spirit guides also represents one of the four pillars.

Furthermore, the tree has always represented spiritual significance in many ways.
Roots: Our history as in the consciousness of the soul
Trunk: the vehicle of the human body
Branches: our spirituality
Leaves: our connection with source

The butterfly is very special to me because I now know that I spent just over 10 years in a cocoon, in a larvae state, preparing for this moment. When we are in a state of preparation it can be the most frightening time of our lives because nothing seems to be happening and we feel lost. So, the evolution from the cocoon to the butterfly is ultimately divine! There is no experience like it!

This is my purpose with humanity. And this is my energetic signature.

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