Clayton John Ainger Reviews "K9 Spirit Guides" by Heather Leigh Strom

Published on 13 December 2022 at 10:24

Clayton gives an honest and enlightened review of "K9 Spirit Guides" 

If you have picked up this book, you have been guided here for a reason.


I have worked with animal spirits, in many ways and in many forms for over 30 years and I am always amazed by their guidance, teaching and mystique about how they walk amongst us.  Heathers book opened up new dimensions, new perspectives, new truths, gifting to me personally new understanding that I have not experienced before, but clearly now ready to receive.


The core four are powerful, multi-dimensional, angels and guides that are the best friends we have, the best friends we wished for, longed for, miss...and now we get to know with absolute certainty they are always with us, guiding, nudging, poking, teaching, loving, helping us to remember who we are, helping us to embrace our inner strength, helping us to see through the illusions and lies we tell ourselves, healing our karma, liberating our soul so we can live our best life.


From personal experience I know you are about to go on a very unique and insightful journey of personal understanding.   Some might say discovery, but the gifts in Heathers book reveal deeper truths for you to understand about you; truths for you to implement and make changes in your life; truths for you to live a happier life.


My invitation to you is to be open to possibility, be curious about your reactions / responses to the stories, listen to the messages that rise up from within you, and ask yourself if this is my truth how am I going to use this new blessed awareness?


Heather is an exceptional writer and storyteller.  Her psychic channel is one of the purest, clean, and accurate I have come across in a long time.  The core four trust her with their most precious teachings, and they trust her to share them with you directly, untainted, and unfiltered – this is why, as Heather has suggested you must read this book from cover to cover and in order – otherwise you may miss something important to you.


Heathers book came to me at a time when I felt disoriented and adrift in the wilderness of life, waiting, wondering, treading water.  The core four independently and collectively helped me to release unknown fears and resolve unconscious stories revealing the next phase in my life’s adventure. The healing I have received is already having a positive impact on my life.


After reading this book, you will see the world differently.  Everything looks brighter, clearer, sharper, more colourful, and you will see the gifts the K9 spirit guides bring to us each and every day.


Clayton John Ainger

Spiritual Guide & Mentor

Author of the award winning book, The Ego's Code.

The Congruent Mystic

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