Law of Attraction interview with Jewels

Published on 4 August 2023 at 09:20

Heather Leigh Strom introduces us to K9 Spirit Guides.

Animals, especially dogs have this intuitive sense that something is going wrong with their masters.  This is a fascinating show which enlightens us how dogs not only know that something is wrong, they have this ability to heal as well.  We welcome Healer Heather Lee Strom  who introduces her book...

K9 Spirit Guides. 

interview begins @ 22:30 minutes

You can read more about the K9 Spirit Guides in my book

K9 Spirit Guides

and you can even work with these divine benevolent entities with Heather Leigh.

Check out the services they are offering for all of humanity here.

Their healing sessions are very powerful, clearing, and healing!

This is the most amazing frequency Heather Leigh has ever worked with!

They are here to heal the world and elevate humanity!

View the videos below to see what a session with them is like.

There will be workshops and retreats coming in the near future as well

that will allow her to bring their incredible healing to even more of humanity!

You can sign up for your own healing session here!

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