Is your Dog an Angel?

Published on 28 February 2023 at 17:42

Many people think that their dog is actually an angel who has come to watch out for them, to lead them, protect them, and bring them joy! But, canines are SO MUCH MORE than that!

They also provide a connection for us with their angels and their angels are actually here FOR humanity!

The K9 Spirit Guides use our connection and our love for our dog to connect with us, speak to us, guide us, and teach us.

They have tremendous healing for us, for humanity as a race, and serve to spur us along our spiritual journey!

Follow along as I prepare you for the release of my book K9 Spirit Guides that will explain all of this to you, who they are, how they work, why you will want to get to know them, and how they can help you! More to come soon...

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